Anima Solutions was founded in 2003 by Dan Arriola, a Systems Analyst and Software Developer with experience in the Information Industry since 1996.  Having worked for end users and software companies alike, Mr. Arriola gives Anima Solutions the perspective necessary to best serve its clients.  While many IT service providers may have limited vision outside their technical expertise, Anima Solutions understands the real business world, real users, and the concerns of managers.  The combination of this view point and the IT expertise of its owner, staff and other human resources makes Anima Solutions an invaluable asset for your organization.

Since its founding, Anima Solutions has been involved in a wide variety of consulting projects.  The following are a few examples of the type of service Anima Solutions has provided.


Business Application Types  (Partial List)

 General Ledger
 Accounts Payable
  Accounts Receivable
  Job Cost
  Critical Path Scheduling
  Customer Service
  Job Tickets
  Address Book


Peripheral Application Types  (Partial List)

  Automated Faxing
  Hand-Held Device
  Web Interface
  Microsoft Excel Pivot Table and data analysis
  Microsoft Word Automation


Industries  (Partial List)

  Home Building
  Construction Sub-Contracting
  Printing and Duplication Services
  Mailing and Fulfillment Services
  Property Management
  Law Enforcement

We also have extensive experience in and knowledge of the Builder 360 System for Home Builders.  We have provided analysis, development and consulting services for users of Builder 360 as well as designed and developed the initial release version of that system.


We're currently looking for recommendations for software products to fill specific needs in any industry.

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We can provide you with a system designed exactly to  your specifications... and it could end up costing you relatively little or even nothing over time!

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