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Anima Solutions believes that it is more advantageous for organizations to operate on a system designed for its specific needs.  Realistically, cost is always a consideration for an organization's ability to have this luxury.  We understand.  This is why we have developed a business model which helps fund software projects for our smaller clients in creative ways, making customized software solutions accessible to most organizations, regardless of size.


Pricing for Anima Solution's professional services is always competitive in the custom software development industry.  In addition, we offer free consultations and no-risk estimates.  Please contact us to find out more.



Anima Solutions provides professional services on a "work-for-hire" basis and does not immediately claim any rights to a completed custom software project, unless otherwise agreed upon.  This is of significant advantage to our clients because if Anima Solutions determines that a client's project could become a re-sellable software product, we provide a number of benefits and cost savings.



Anima Solutions uses two billing methods, Estimate and Proposal Billing.


Estimate Billing

Estimate Billing is the default method used by Anima Solutions if the billing method is not specified by the client.  In this situation, an Estimate is provided to a client prior to the start of a project as a courtesy, but does not guarantee the total cost of the project.  The Invoice amount is based on the current hourly rate and actual hours worked.  This billing method is advantageous to clients in most situations because it accurately represents the true technical value of a project based on the time it took to complete.


Proposal Billing

At the request of a client, the cost of a project may be officially proposed by Anima Solutions prior to the commencement of any work.  A Proposal is issued in which specifications are explicitly expressed and the total cost of the project is guaranteed.  This billing method can be advantageous to a client who needs to know the exact cost of a project in advance, for cash flow or budgetary purposes.  The value of a project represented under this billing method is more aligned with the overall value the solution would provide for the organization, rather than how much technical work was performed.



In today's information age, it is more possible than ever to deliver software projects to clients anywhere in the world through use of the internet.  It is also feasible, and becoming increasingly convenient and inexpensive, to conduct training sessions and even perform implementations from remote locations.  No matter where your organization is based, Anima Solutions is fully equipped and prepared to handle your project remotely.

Anima Solutions understands that, at times, it is more valuable to perform a project at a client's offices.  A systems analysis and a large software development project are examples of this type of project because of the need for various staff meetings or staff interviews.  If your project needs to be completed on-site, or if you're just more comfortable with us there, Anima Solutions is prepared to send a software professional to your location with no additional cost other than travel expenses.


We're currently looking for recommendations for software products to fill specific needs in any industry.

If you have identified such a need in your industry, please contact us to let us know.

We can provide you with a system designed exactly to  your specifications... and it could end up costing you relatively little or even nothing over time!

Ask us about our incentives for new software products.

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