Systems Analysis


An organization whose goal is to utilize software systems to operate as efficiently as possible, will likely engage in a Systems Analysis process. 

Systems Analysis in the context of software systems, is the process in which an organization develops goals, identifies problems, and decides on solutions for achieving maximum efficiency through the use of software.

Definition:  Systems Analysis

The analysis of an information system with the intention of designing or modifying it to meet the needs of the end user.

The process can include:

1.  Identification and re-identification of objectives, constraints and alternative courses of action.

2.  Examination of the probable consequences of alternatives, including cost, benefits and risk.

3.  Presentation of the results in a comparative framework so that the decision maker can make an informed choice from among the alternatives.

Source:, Principia Cybernetica Web

Anima Solutions can help your organization achieve its efficiency potential.

Anima Solutions' Systems Analysis service can include:

  Analyzing the effectiveness of the current use of software
  Identifying manual business processes that could be improved for efficiency
  Recommending software additions or alternatives for improving business processes
  Providing a cost analysis for recommended solutions


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