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Consulting can imply relying on the expert advice of a second party to make a well informed decision.  However, in today's business world, consulting can have a broader meaning, to also include, relying on the expertise of another party to perform complex tasks.

Whether your organization needs software advice, representation in dealing with another software company, or assistance in performing technical tasks, Anima Solutions is your expert contact in the software industry.  Our Software Consulting service gives your organization technology expertise when you need it.

Definition:  Software  Consulting

The profession of facilitating organizational change and/or providing subject matter expertise on technical, functional and business topics during development or implementation of software.

Consulting can include:

1.  Performing business requirements analysis.

2.  Recommending selection of packaged software.

3.  Developing proposals for consulting services.

4.  Managing implementation projects at client sites.

Source: The Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing, Denis Howe

Anima Solutions can advise and perform technical tasks for your organization.

Anima Solutions' Software Consulting service can include:

  Researching, recommending and implementing third party software
  Representing a client in technical discussions with third party software companies
  Installing third party software, including upgrades
  Customizing third party software, where allowable
  Data conversion or transformation; moving existing data from one software system to another
  Creating custom reports using the existing data of almost any system


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