Clean Up Utility for Builder 360 *

The Clean Up Utility is designed to clean the Builder 360 SQL Server database of accumulated, unused items.  Normal procedures protect referenced items in your database lists to maintain the integrity of your data.  The Clean Up Utility maintains this important integrity by allowing you to replace the data throughout the system with items of your choosing.

Long-time users of any system know that turnover in staff can cause the organization's database to become cluttered with unused items.  Because every manager has his or her own way of using a system, database items are created that future managers may not need.  As time passes, sifting through these unused items can becomes more cumbersome and begins to inhibit efficiency.

The Clean Up Utility allows you to organize your database lists.  For instance, you can combine Vendors, replace Cost Codes, reorganize your Product list or Chart of Accounts, and much more.  In all, the Clean Up Utility allows you to manage 41 database lists!  And... you can do all this yourself, with the confidence of having a Builder 360 database expert on your team.

We understand making major changes to your database records can be complex, so the application is designed in easy-to-use "wizard" format.

During the process, the Clean Up Utility gives you an opportunity to view your changes on screen or by printing a detailed report before and after you execute the final changes to the database.

As you continue work through the wizard, each screen displays information and instructions pertinent to making an informed decision about the items to be deleted.

If you make a mistake even after carefully reviewing your information, don't worry. The Clean Up Utility keeps a log of the data being modified so that a SQL language technician can restore the data that has been modified.^

* Builder 360 is a registered trade mark of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems
^ This feature is not meant to replace backing up your database prior to running the utility.


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